Moulin Yoga Classes & Courses

At the beautiful Moulin de Bizoin, Brittany, France

The location at Moulin de Bizoin

Here at the Moulin de Bizoin we are restoring a beautiful 19th century stone mill set in 2 acres of land with a lake and surrounded by the river Ouest. We offer small group yoga classes, private one-to-one sessions and special zenful yoga events.

We offer courses and classes in Yoga

Small group yoga

Weekly classes or book with a group of up to 4 friends.

Private classes

Benefit from a one-to-one, specially personalised designed package to suit your health needs and goals.

Summer season

When the weather is kind to us we hold classes by the lake, surrounded by the beautiful nature and wildlife.

Winter time

Embrace the change in season and welcome the dark nights with ‘yoga by candlelight’ classes. Bring your own blanket for a warm meditation at the end of the class.

Additional services

Holistic therapies available by appointment.

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What is Yoga?

The word ‘yoga’ means union, to come together. The mind, body and spirit come together with the practice of yoga. Combining the breath and movement and the mind can be used as a helpful tool when dealing with blocking out stresses and worries. When this happens the yogi can experience self-love and enjoy the present moment. Also, it’s great practise for controlling the fluctuations of the mind when experiencing stressful life events.

The physical asanas (yoga poses) will bring a stronger and healthier body and the mental aspects of yoga will bring peace and tranquillity into your life. One of the aims of yoga is to help us live in the present, yoga can transform the present into a better moment. The present moment is something we can all share and experience. Life in the present can be uplifted and enjoyed.

The origins of yoga come from the Hindu religion around the 1700th century in India. Many of India’s treasures were discovered when the British Empire entered India, yoga is one of them along with its ideas, beliefs and religions. There are many styles of yoga - Hatha, yin, Ashtanga, vinyasa, hot yoga and Iyengar to name a few but with time many have come from Hatha yoga. Which is sometimes known as the Mother of yoga. A hatha yoga class includes pranayama (breathing exercises) meditation (relaxation) and asana (poses). Hatha in Sanskrit means ha – sun, tha – moon. Hatha yoga travelled around the earth and became the common practice of what yoga is today. Because of western busy energetic lives and the inability to sit still for a period of time hatha yoga encourages movement before meditation.

Here at the Moulin de Bizoin we mostly practice Hatha and Yin yoga.

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Moulin de Bizoin, 9 Bizoin, Merlèac 22460

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